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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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the cayman islands. blah, blah, blah. joining me now, coming out of the bunker, the author of demonic, how the liberal mob is endangering america. beginning on tuesday, august 7, ann coulter. how are you? >> great! so good to be here. >> sean: i have an unnamed source that you department write your book, you weren't born on the day you said -- what is this? >> vian unnamed source in kenya who says that obama was born in kenya. you won't -- they want the tax records because this is how obama wins his elections, as i described today. it's by default. he takes his opponent by going into secret, sealed divorce files, medical records. in his-- explain this. this is important. >> his very first race, he wanted to take the place of alice palmer. they persuade her want to ruin
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run for her own seat for state senate by raising her breast cancer treatments. she decides to run. so they get her disqualified, not having enough signatures. then when he is running for senate, he was against blair hall, a multi-millionaire investment banker. blair hall was way ahead in the polls and what happened? david axelrod, ex-employer of the chicago tribune, pushes the story that hall's ex-wife got a protective order for abuse. this becomes the focus of the campaign. blair hall falls behind and obama wins the primary. he is then against the amazingly attractive republican, jack ryan, harvard law, harvard business school, worked for goldman sachs, made hundreds of millions of dollars and left to teach in an inner-city school in chicago. but he did have one problem. he was divorced. so once again -- he released his
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tax records. he released his divorce records. the one thing both and his wife wanted under seal were their custody filings. he accused her of having an affair. she said he took her to sex clubs and that drove her into the arms of another man. so the sex club allegations come out, which he denied at the time. but they come out and then jack ryan is knocked out. and who does he run against? alan keyes, great man, no aptitude for running for senate. look at mccain -- new york times had on its front page rumors about an affair that they never got any substantiation for. you will also recall, sarar and todd palin, the rumors about their marriage. there was herman cain. >> sean: there is a follow-up here. >> the attacks on herman cain were traced directly back to people david axelrod knew, making hazy accusations against
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an actual american black -- unlike the kenyan -- because i hear it on good authority. this is how obama wins. his secret plan-- do you have any other unnamed sources you want to quote. >> his secret plan is for the rom niece to divorce before the election. >> sean: all right. here's -- this is the key follow-up question to all of this. you listen to nbc, it's about dressage and the $900 shirt -- not the $6800 jacket that michelle obama was wearing. >> or the $600 gazillion deficit. >> sean: fair enough. a felony, war on women, anne romney never worked. this is all they have. they cant run on -- he can't run on his record. but here's the question. does this work? they have class warfare distraction, attack, a surrogate attack, saying romney was a racist the other day. >> right. >> sean: do these attacks have
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the potential of working? >> not with so many people unemployed. the obama campaign message is, you can vote for the guy who put millions of people out of work, quadrupled the deficit, wrecked american health care. or vote for that really mean guy whose wife owns a horse. >> sean: that's true. let me show you the latest move on ad and the many negative ads. >> my name's recalf athe dressage horse, how do i pull off such grace and athleticism, looking so good? maybe it's because the romneys spent $77,000 a year on my upkeep. and after mitt romney repeals health care and ships your job overearthquakes i dare say, your life will not be nearly as pampered as mine. after all, you are not one of his horses. >> sean: it is interesting to me -- this is where the nbc
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attacks crossed the line. anne romney has management s. line, that's the reason she got into horses. it's therapeutic. >> he's a rich man. he reason the wrecked the economy. he hasn't put a million people out of work. by the way issue there are a lot of ads with horses. the other one shows the other end of the horse saying, i'm barack obama and i approved this ad, all over the place-- wasn't that a donkey? >> other end of the horse. >> sean: just checking. >> back to the tax records, romney should absolutely not release the tax records. this is outrageous-- obfuscation. >> it is not just that. this is how obama wins -- it's his signature move. this is his m.o. unleash -- somehow get unsealed, sealed records and make a big deal out of them, even if there is nothing there. they have tried to do it with the first two years of tax filings romney didn't release.
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you notice how that disappeared. romney mead paid millions in taxes and gives a lot to charities. why didn't we get the 10 years of -- of tax filings by teresa kerry? i mean, they say, oh, well, she's the wife. she was supporting the candidate. he was a gigolo. his tax returns are no more interesting than shamis the dog-- he was a gigolo. >> she was supporting him-- that makes him a gigolo. >> yeah. he's always supported by women, including -- >> i am not responsible for the trouble you are going to get in. >> i am stating facts! he was supported by his wife-- that doesn't make him a gigolo by definition. >> you are getting off the subject here. why didn't we get 10 years-- i have to take a break. stay right there. more with ann coulter. eric bowling and kimberly guilfoyle. a couple of shootouts. our latest media mash.
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and tune in tomorrow night, special edition, live audience show. the focus, the president's broken promises. we vet the president, stonewalling a job generator like the keystone pipeline, ending the space program, and waging war on the coal industry. we have found no shortage of americans who are reeling from the president's failures. these stories and much more tomorrow night, "hannity" at 9:00. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> after you have done it all and the polls have closed and you have gone home to sit in a comfortable chair and watch tv, you're going to turn on cnn, cbs and nbc and abc and then about 11:30 p.m., just for the fun of it, you are going to turn on fox news. [cheers and applause]
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and you are going to have the unmitigated joy of having fox news make the announcement that ohio has gone for obama and that he is going to be the next president of the united states of america! let's go for it! [cheers and applause] >> sean: that will be as fun as we are able to announce fox news can now report that in fact, john kasich has defeated the sitting governor strickland and he has brought 100,000 jobs to the great state of ohio. all right. there is a lot of intensity out there. let me play a comment. a lot of this is rooted in class warfare. i want to ask you how much this works. obama's comments in a speech in ojai fro yesterday. >> they are asking you to pay an extra $2,000 not to pay down the deficit, not to invest in our
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kids' education. mr. romney is asking you to pay more so that people like him get a tax cut. [boos from audience]. >> in order to afford -- now, if we can break it down further -- in order to afford just a tax cut for somebody like mr. romney 125 families like yours would have to pay another $2,000 in taxes each year. and every year. not just one year. every year. now, does that sound like a plan you can afford? [no! from audience]. >> how many people like that plan? >> sean: a total lie. that is not true. he is saying something that is factually, proveably false when he said the tax plan will raise taxes on the mitted class to pay for tax cuts for the rich. >> right, right. no. but they have to keep classes focused on one another so people don't notice what the real
9:13 pm
battle is between the citizens and the government. i mean, this idea about invests in the public schools -- that's like investing in the horse track. investing in public sector employee who is make more than you do -- a lot more than do you, retire before you do, have bigger pensions than you do. that's the fight -- government employees versus those of us who pay their salaries. they want to keep us focused on being angry and resentful to someone who is making slightly more than you are. it's the government versus the citizens. >> sean: agree with you. two events give me hope. for the all the money, special interests and busting people. scott walker won by a bigger margin than in 2010. second thing happened yesterday. all of these people who showed up at chick-fil-a. we have a segment this later i. i thought you were talking about ted cruz. this is the a great week. >> sean: ted cruz is a third one. it just makes me feel like in spite of the poll, you look at
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crowds showing up because they are so sick and tired of political correctness. >> right. and bullies! >> sean: okay. they are tired of record deficit spending and wisconsin voted for the republican that is fiscally responsible. does that impact this election? >> yeah. i mean, i am sure your pollsters can tell you this. the only polls that matter are likely voters and they all show romney ahead. they are lying by citing polls that mean nothing. >> sean: they out sample democrats in large margins. >> let's get the likely voters. romney's doing just fine. >> sean: you have been -- >> which is why he really needs the romneys to get divorced. >> sean: that's know going to happen. you wanted governor christie to jump into the race. you stole -- obama breathalizer, inhaler. who do you want him to pick?
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who do you think he's going to pick? >> i am very, very bad at making predictions of vice-presidents. i thought, for example,-- i am getting a week and-a-half. >> sean. >> i thought obama was going to pick mark warner and i think he should have. but i have always been wrong. the problem with christie -- maybe i am wrong, but i don't think you want to run two governors. you want somebody with federal experience. i like gorman, i like rubio, i like jon kyl. he has been in washington a long time. i think he has a pleasing mien. and foreign policy experience you? >> are ducking and dodging -- >> what am i dodging? >> sean: who will it be? who should it be? >> i may as well predict the man on the moon. >> sean: predict the man on the moon. i am asking. >> who would i like it to be? i don't know. i like republicans. i like them all. >> sean: all the names and jon
9:16 pm
kyl. >> yeah. he doesn't want it. but i wouldn't mind condoleezza rice, though she is very bad on illegal immigration. a vice-president doesn't have that must have control over policy. as we have talked about on radio, condoleezza rice is so elegant and lovely and she's a great spokesman. she doesn't want it. i would like any of the ones that have been talked about. >> sean: ann coulter. we missed you. you have been in a bunker, writing a book. >> it's so good! >> sean: coming up, brent bozel is back to unveil the sampling of the obama lovefest. most of the clips from nbc. he blasted chick-fil-a and claimed that a city would keep the chain empty since it doesn't represent, quote, chicago values. why mayor emanuel may be in legal trouble for his remarks. a "hannity" shootout is next. a h bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey,
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>> sean: the people have spoken and they still love chick-fil-a. above all, they love our right to free speech t. seems threats of boycotts and bans from mayors like mayor emanuel backtired. the fast-food giant broke record sales across the country for
9:21 pm
patron-led chick-fil-a appreciation day. and it seems that the mayor may be in legal trouble for making this comment. >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago values. they're not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. and if you are going to be part of the chicago community, you should reflect the chicago values? >> last week, the chicago republican party announced it would file a complaint, claiming that the mayor broke civil rights laws pertaining to religious freedom and the first amendment. joining me, kimberly guilfoyle and talk radio 790, kabc host, leo terrell. leo, you believe in freedom of speech and religion, i assume, correct? >> i absolutely. and there was a perfect example, the owner of chick-fil-a expressed his freedom to express his hate for -- towards gays. what i find amazing-- stop right there -- tell me
9:22 pm
what he said that was hateful to you? >> let me tell you right now, let me be clear. the bible heeb use booed klan members to hate blacks-- did i ask you about the bible? i said what was hateful? you heard my question, right? >> i answered. it the question is that this man used the bible to express his hatred-- what does did -- what did he say that was hateful -- >> he basically stated -- his opposition to gay marriage. his opposition for two people of the same sex to be in love and have a ring on their finger. that's what he did that was wrong? >> the same position that barack obama had a few weeks ago. >> listen, i don't care about barack obama. that's a false argument. >> sean: i know -- but -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: they went after somebody who shuts his store down every sunday because of his religious values. >> if your politics are ones that they support, then okay,
9:23 pm
say whatever you want. if not, they want socensor you, they are against freedom of speech and religious freedom and the values he believes in -- >> shame on you, kimberly. >> oh, i don't think [overlapping dialogue] >> this is a hypocrital position. >> you used to live in san francisco. should you know better than to take a position like that. >> i respect people's right to express their freedom of speech -- >> the bible has been used to put women in a second-class position. shame on you. >> you hear this? >> that's amazing. >> sean: calm down. >> the bible. >> sean: i am asking a simple question. tell me specifically because -- do you believe that it's acceptable in this country to have a traditional view of marriage and -- and just disagree with you? tell me what's wrong with that? >> that's a cold term for hating gays. i don't like it.
9:24 pm
i don't like anybody who opposes-- anybody that believes that marriage should be defined between a man and a woman is hateful, according to you? >> i am telling -- when they use the bible to express-- that's religious views -- are you having trouble hearing me -- >> i hear you very loud and clear. >> sean: does everybody that believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman, do you define them as hateful. it is want a hard question. >> the klan used the bible-- i didn't ask but the klan. >> you don't want to touch that question. you don't want to touch that question. >> sean: i am talk about this legal side of this. let me go to kimberly and you can relax, leo. here's the question -- i have for you. if you look at the mayor of boston saying they don't want chick-fil-a -- by the way, we need jobs. chick-fil-a wants to expand to boston and chicago and wants to go to -- >> employs a lot of hard-working americans. there are contractors to be hired. people to work in the restaurants. they are willing to forego the
9:25 pm
jobs because they disagree with somebody who is espousing a traditional -- >> the hypocrisy. you are the sole arbiter and you can decide -- what you are doing -- >> shame on you. the bible's been use audio. >> sean: all right, let me ask a legal question. the -- legally speaking, kimberly, when a city does this, are they discriminating because of the freedom of speech and religion of the individual? >> no. >> sean: you don't look like kimberly. >> here's the thing. i think they have a case to bring against and file a complaint. he should know better. why is he forcing his viewpoint and his decision of who can have freedom of religion and freedom of speech and prime of expression. it is totally inappropriate for him because it's about politics. he should be more concerned about the rise of violence and and the african-americans that have been killed in chicago because he can't manage it in a
9:26 pm
law-and-order style. >> there has been no fact that chick-fil-a has been denied any time of franchise or licensing based on those comments? >> let me ask youism the bible has been used to put women down. you used to live in san francisco. be upfront and honest. >> i am up front and honest. i am holding a mature, appropriate position -- [overlapping dialogue] >> you are going to allow the bible to be used to discredit-- let me give you an example. >> the bible stands on its own. >> sean: let me ask you this. you are one of the few americans that are outspoken in defense of your friend, o.j. simpson. okay. >> here we go again. >> sean: no. you were one of the few americans. what if somebody said to you, we don't want leo terrell to start his law business in our city because he doesn't share our values. we don't want leo terrell, attorney at law, to open up an office in new york or boston or
9:27 pm
chicago -- my question is -- would that be discriminatory? >> hey, listen. if that-- if you supported o.j. >> they don't like leo terrell. i don't have a problem with that. but they use a protective class status, like race, color-- o.j. simpson -- the viewpoint that you had that was -- that was not in the mainstream and they disagreed with. >> don't characterize hatred toward gays as a viewpoint. this is the an attack on gays-- i am asking you, if they told you you couldn't open your business, is that discriminatory? >> it depends on the motivation, mr. hannity and the bible's used to discriminate against women. i don't get t. i don't get you guys. >> what is there to get? what are you talking about -- >> you know what -- >> you of all people should be abhorring discrimination and censorship. >> i don't like any type of discrimination, based on race,
9:28 pm
religion or sexual orientation. and i hate people using the bible to justify hatred. period, period. >> sean: thank you. >> good night. >> sean: we are done. >> thanks for deciding that. >> sean: i guess we are done. >> that's a wrap, hannity. >> sean: coming up, the media has been out in full force, trying to persuade voters with their liberal bias, especially with how they have covered the overseas trip. we will check back with this week's edition of media mash. up next, tune in tomorrow night, a special live audience edition of "hannity," as we take an in-depth look at obama's broken campaign promises and how it's hurt you, the american people. that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call?
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ar strumming♪ameritrade. check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic, our biggest hunting event ever. during our bow trade-in sale you can save up to $100 on top of already low sale prices. and check out free seminars by top pro hunters this weekend. >> sean: welcome back to hafnlt time for media mash, all the ways the mainstream mede media tries to put the spin on the news. they have been in everydrive. back to go through all the material this week, none other than the president of the media research center, brent bozel. we have to start with nbc. for some reason, they seem to be an extension of the obama campaign. god love them. chris matthews, the gift that keeps on giving. >> bill clinton, bubba, the big
9:33 pm
dog, elvis, how many names of endearment will he carry before the love affair comes to an end? an entire generation of the democratic party. and many outside of it are clasped in admiration of the president of the world. today came word that the lord or the democratic party on earth isn't finished with the big dog. he will get a big chunk of prime time at the democratic national convention. a hot night in charlotte all to himself to put the name barack obama into nomination for a second presidential term. >> >> sean: bubba, big dog, elvis, president of the world -- coming in to save the day like, you know? mighty mouse? what is this? the interesting thing is that bubba, you know, elvis, big dog, whatever he called him -- his policies are the opposite of obama's? >> yeah. brother sean hannity look. chris matthews is a flag for the
9:34 pm
democratic party. nobody in the democratic party would say something as stupid as this. this guy is so out of control, they are going to have to label ms-nbc, "s" for sexual content. this is a rousing stuff here. he is crossing a very bizarre line here. the interesting thing is, barack obama -- a great irony, barack obama would probably win re-election easily if he presided like bill clinton did. >> sean: brilliant point. the point -- end of welfare as we know t. now we have dependency and a return to welfare. >> barack obama's policies have repudiated bill clinton. >> sean: there is another cable channel, people forgot -- it's called cnn. they do a piece about sarah palin, going to chick-fil-a. and they play this song, "stupid girls" going into it. watch this.
9:35 pm
stupid girl, stupid girls...: >> sarah palin is hungry for chicken and controversy. >> sean: no -- no idea. none whatsoever. even though the lyrics of perfectly clear. >> yeah. yeah. i love the explanation that they gave us. the music selection was a poor choice and was not intended to be linked to any news story. now, why the hell did you have a music selection? of course, that's what it does -- it's linked to a story to give the story flavor. so for the spokesman to give that bizarre answer is disingen disingenuous, they are down to 355,000 viewers a day. it's pathetic. this kind of programming? >> enough said. governor romney has a very successful trip and meets with the israeli prime minister.
9:36 pm
the president hasn't been to israel. those that meet with lech walessa. but that's not the way the media portrayed it. this is a failure for governor romney. watch this. >> olympic mis fire. mitt romney blasted by britain after questioning security at the games, with a firestorm of criticism on the first overseas trip as a candidate. will the rough day damage his run for the white house? >> romney is getting the lesson loud and clear from the british people that they were not impressed with the way that he described the preparedness of this country for the london games. here's the headline from one tabloid -- mitt the twit. >> to mitt romney's three-nation overseas trip, which ended today, almost the way it started here in london, with controversy, some hurt feelings and some raw tempers. >> sean: media research did a full investigative report on this... >> it's shocking.
9:37 pm
it's shocking. they did 21 stories on mitt romney's trip. 18 of those 21 -- 86% of the stories were devoted to quote/unquote gaffes by mitt romney. let me tell you something, about one of the gaffes about great britin. the very same thing that mitt romney was accused of gaffing about is exactly what brian williams reported as news one week before. the shamelessness has no end with the initiatives. -- with the new new networks. when barack obama went four years ago, he could do nothing wrong. if this isn't a clear-cut example of an agenda to knee-cap mitt romney, i don't know what it is. >> sean: they are the biggest campaign contributors to the obama re-election campaign. i declared journalism dead four years ago. now it's dead, gone, buried.
9:38 pm
you are left with what we got. we will vet the president for them. >> sean: time to check in with greta van susteren. dicatch you by surprise? >> you did. i was reading my notes because i didn't want to have to read off a card when you came to me. >> sean: i'm here. >> you caught me. tonight, we have former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld and eric kantor, byron york is here to talk about the latest between harry reid and mitt romney. you don't want to miss that. >> sean: we will be watching this 20 minutes. time to revisit the president's famed recovery summer of 2010, two years have come and gone and it is time for retrospective into his missing recovery. remember the summer of recovery? we will review something that obama has been hiding -- that's his record, coming up next. eric bolling, coming up straight ahead. ve been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages.
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>> sean: remember the great recovery, the summer of 2010? neither do i. i am sure most americans don't remember. two years ago today, the treasury secretary, tim geithner wrote an article in the times, saying welcome to the recovery and said, we are coming back. but since then that, kickoff two years ago, the president and his team haven't done anything to lower unemployment. instead, they have increased the national debt to almost $16 trillion. tonight w96 days until election day, we revisit this imaginary recovery summer. joining us, the co-host of "the five," eric bolling and a democratic strategist. good to sigh you. i do remember this recovery summer two, summers ago. things have gotten worse. the economy has slowed down to basically zero growth. joe biden was claiming 500,000 jobs every month created.
9:43 pm
what happened? how could they get it so wrong? >> g.d.p.'s up, 4.4 million jobs created under this president. >> sean: g%, dp is up, what? >> nearly 10%. 4.4 million jobs? >> what are you talking about? i have no idea what you are talking about. >> 28 straight months of job growth-- stop a second. we have fewer americans working today. just under a million fewer americans working than when obama took office. you can't tell us, well, we stopped the bleeding. he hasn't created a net new job. -- >> we were losing jobs over 20 straight months and we have been creating jobs-- he said he would cut the deficit. >> he had a plan in place to cut the deficit. republicans in the congress stopped it. >> sean: for two years, he had democrats. they had total control. don't blame this on the republicans. >> he has a plan on the table to
9:44 pm
reduce the deficit. >> sean: when did he pult that on the table? he had two years of nancy pelosi and harry reid. >> last year's debt ceiling? >> why did he wait 3 years -- >> the point is -- he failed. >> we haven't failed at all. it is not as good as it ought to be. >> the unfortunate thing for president obama, two years ago, tim geithner said we are going into the summer recovery. this is the third recovery summer. we got the white board? >> the white board is bigger than carl. [laughter] >> these are today's numbers. just today, they were released. g.m. sales, down 41%, the first year. 8,000 new people walked into unemployment office this week, this past week. 8,000 more up to 365,000 new-- from the week prior. >> 365 total. they said, i need help. that's not working out so well.
9:45 pm
gasoline up 24 cents a gallon in july, the biggest one-month jump in july ever and then this one. the labor force. this is the one no one wants to talk about in the administration. 63.8% of the workforce-- explain. >> 63% of americans who are available to work are working. this is usually, 68, 69, 70%. unemployment-- over 11%. >> 11 1/2%. so the numbers are not proving out to what mo is trying to bring. the bottom line is that obama-nomics is an epic fail. >> there might not be a g.m. if not for the auto bailout. >> sean: we have -- [overlapping dialogue] >> 4.4 mill whereon more people would not have jobs -- >> we have -- we have in excess, half a million to a million fewer jobs in america. you can say jobs are being
9:46 pm
created. but they are being created because they were lost in such dramatic fashion. >> we were in a free-fall before the president came i. this is bush's fault -- at what point does barack obama own this economy? at some point -- >> what point recognize that we were in a free-fall and we have stopped that free fall? >> sean: let me ask this question -- >> every time someone point this is out, here you go, blaming bush again. >> if i don't turn this thing around -- within 3 years, it's the end of my third year, i'm going to be a one-term president. he promised to reduce the debt. the debt's exploding. >> you know who agrees with him? mitt romney? when mitt romney was governor, he was asked by a reporter, why is massachusetts 47% in the nation? why have you had such awful job growth? and he said -- he said, well, hey,ir inherited a recession, you don't turn this around
9:47 pm
overnight. i call that progress-- let me go to eric's number on the labor participation rate is key. this is why the unemployment number it's by the way, with this number, artificially low, it is 14.4% unemployment in the black community and 11% in the hispanic community. youth unemployment in the plaque community is 49% down. if the number were at the same rate when barack obama became president, it's 11 1/2% unemployment across the board. the question is -- he promised to create new jobs, not save them. he promised to cut the dev snit half. why do you cut him so much slack when he didn't live up to his own promise? >> if we had a choice between losing jobs and continuing a free fall or stopping that and starting to come back -- that's the choice. >> have you to step back. if you take a step back. don't listen to mo or eric and ask yourself, do you want four
9:48 pm
more of what you have had until now. do you want four more years? or do you say enough is enough. his policies are not working. try something new. see if you can get something different to start the economy. >> by the way, gdp growth is substantially below anything he has ever told us. >> let me pose an alternate question, which is, do you have a choice between continuing what we have been doing or going back to what got us here in the first place. >> sean: can i ask you, do you really believe that we are better off today than we were four years and $5 trillion in debt ago? do you really believe that? >> i believe -- i believe we are nowhere near where we want to be, but we are better off than where we were before we had 28 straight months of job creation. >> crud, consumer spending, down, real estate, down, debt up -- bad, bad, bad, bad. fail, fail, fail, fail. sorry.
9:49 pm
he's not winning on any of them. >> i thought you were cutting us off. kikeep going. >> sean: like the new book, you are going to have a battle royale over this. coming up, the new batman movie, is it a stinging rebuke to the occupy wall street movie. our next guest is here to explain why in fact, it is. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morninstarts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pil. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brin more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. ♪ it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do.
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>> sean: welcome back. andrew claven examined the key themes of the batman movie, "the dark knight rises." he began, paying respects to the victims of the colorado should theeing massacre, explaining that murder is the opposite of art. and we cannot agree more. but he mae an interesting observation that the film is a stilling -- stinging review to various leftist movems, something we rarely see out of hollywood. he wrote... >> sean: joining me to explain, his book, crazy dangerous, is in stores everywhere and we have robert dobby here.
9:54 pm
>> it's great to be here. >> sean: this is interesting to me because... there is depravity in the ralradical movements. yet nthe case of up on, president defended it, nancy pelosi defended it. why don't you explain the premise of this? >> it's an amazing thing that we live in this world whenn which the news and entertainment industry create a completely false impression about the movements and depict the tea party as racist, with any evidence as violent. and they try to stick any tea party violence, including the shootings in colorado. in "the dark knight rises," it shows that inherent in the left-wing movement is violence and tyranny. the minute you start to say that you can more fairly rearrange private property with the force of government or the force of a mob, you create a tyranny and you create the atmosphere for violence and tho show trials. all of this is on display in the
9:55 pm
"the dark knight rises," none of it is hidden. the fact that the left-wing critics and the new york times and the "los angeles times" have tied themselves combo knots trying not to see it shows the mind-set that wants to avoid reality. >> sean: the american people wanted to see t. i have not seen the movie. but i plan to go this weekend, actually. robert, we have talked about this. i mean, it's -- to read this was almost spectacular to me considering the bloc burster. i am listening to the screenwriter and he sounds like me. you are far more articulate than i am. far better writer. bru, robert, you know what i mean? >> yes, first off, exactly what andrew said, there is an amnesia in terms of criticizing the themes. the norman brrkts are both american and british.
9:56 pm
they have dual citizenship. jonathan who, co-wrote it, is from georgetown. so he has a political world view and christopher had a literally background. there were three books that they used. the tail of two cities by dickens. the battle of alyears and prince of the city, were the three films they used in terms of dealing with the police corruption, on tail of two cities, they took what andrew said, the mob mentality, the insurgency and the battle of algers. now, those books and even dickens -- at a certain point changes his ideology in terms of saying, it is not just the-- the wealthy, the masses, once they are given power are more corruptible than that. so the themes in this film deserves much more -- i think scrutiny than it has been given. >> sean: andrew, are you telling
9:57 pm
me as successful as this film is, it's been ignored by the mainstream media? >> not only have the themes been ignored. but if you read the critics, they have tide themselves into verballal knots trying to show that it's want saying what it is saying. you will see what i am saying is not hidden. these are people occupying wall street. though i am sure the film went into the planning stages before there was a occupy wall street. they are occupying wall street. the stand up and cheer moment is when the new york city police department in full uniform charges the guys and dislodges them from the stag it's right out and the left has ignored it, in the same way they have ignored the violence of the real occupy wall street. >> sean: i am very appreciative that there are different voices in hollywood. thanks for being with us. greta's next. see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight -- put up or shut up. that's what governor mitt romney is telling senator harry reid
9:58 pm
and that showdown is rough. the mud slinging is just getting started. hear from the combatants straight ahead. who is the smart choice for runningmate? dick morris will tell us. and eric cantor is here, what is happening with the extension of the tax cut? did it hit the wall? what does it mean to you? leader kantor will tell you. right now, former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld is swinging, saying congress is failing to do its job. why? we spoke with the secretary rumsfeld earlier today. mr. secretary, nice to see you, sir. good to be with you. >> greta: big fight over sequestration. what do you think? i think it's mindless. the idea of sequestering that amount of many hundreds of billions of dollars is fundamentally wrong. it's poor government. and if it does fall the way it looks like it could, and it hits the department of defense, it
9:59 pm
would be a monumental mistake. >> greta: you may monumental mistake,ed about government. it was agreed to by both parties a year ago. were they relinquishing their obligation to the people, being lazy? how do you describe it? everyone knew this day would come. >> sure t. hasn't come, though. it's close. but it isn't there yet. what they did was kick the can down the road, not very well or very far. they haven't performed their cpms in the congress of the united states, to pass responsible budgets that are thoughtful and intended. this is a stop-gap excuse for a fail tower do their job. >> greta: you know, how does it differ -- you used to be in congress. has congress changed? or is this congress and the president like to kick things down the road a little bit? >> well, there is a pattern in the country, if you can't solve a problem, create a commission. if you can't solve


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